Performing word counts on multiple files

AKS Word Count helps with transcription:

I am using the program to perform word counts on multiple files in order to produce my billing data.

Ben Grundy, Transcription Supervisor, UK

Useful and quick:

This program is fantastically useful. Using it couldn’t be simpler with the myriad options for adding files. Not only can you add files individually, but AKS Word Count also lets you add a folder of files to be processed. I have found that it is very accurate and consistently calculates the correct number of words. I also like the ability to preview the files I am counting, as this allows me to quickly check that each file in the list is one I should be counting. All in all, I would recommend AKS Word Count as easy-to-use and an essential software for anyone who needs to count the words or characters of a set of files as a bulk operation.

A note from the developers

Ben, thank you a lot for your words! By the way, the PRO version also supports several formats. So, for example, if you have produced a Word document and a PowerPoint presentation, then you can use AKS Word Count to count words in both of them. I assume that your rate for PowerPoint presentation will be higher than for a plain text document.

In the PRO version you can also calculate the total for a customer. Some of our clients have many smaller orders and this is a great time saver for them. To the “Freelancers” tab you can add several profiles with different rates.

I know that some writers exclude from the total bill the words that describe client’s brand. In the PRO version you have an exclude list where you can add all of the words that you want to be ignored. In this way one won’t bill customers for the repetition of their brand, this won’t be any loss for the writer, but customers will appreciate this approach.