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We are proud to share a short video review done by FindMySoft.

It can count the number of words included in several text files at the same time. Besides that, it allows you to type directly in the interface and have the words counted in real time!

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Latest testimonials and case studies for AKS Word Count:

Use ASK Word count to count the amount of words to set the right price for the project

Prior to sending tasks to translators that work with my Agency, I need to count the amount of words with accuracy in order to set the right price for the project. Raymond Rodriguez, Business Owner, Hola Translations, Edmonton, Canada. I have tried countless products and had not decided for one... Read more »

Use AKS Word Count to evaluate the quality of translated documents

We use AKS Word Count to evaluate the quality of all documents translated into English from Chinese. Lorin Kundert, Director of Language Services, ZTE, China The product seems to work amazingly well even though PDF is all we can test it on at this time, I have compared the word... Read more »

Performing word counts on multiple files

AKS Word Count helps with transcription: I am using the program to perform word counts on multiple files in order to produce my billing data. Ben Grundy, Transcription Supervisor, UK Useful and quick: This program is fantastically useful. Using it couldn’t be simpler with the myriad options for adding files.... Read more »

Use AKS Word Count to balance words

Business professional:  NEK, TRaducciones, Denmark. Journalist. AKS Word Count helps journalists: Counting Words every day tells me how I am progressing The list of used Words and their quantity tells me if I repeat myself too much The characters tells me the balance between long and shorter words Quick and... Read more »

Use AKS Word Count to translation projects

Business professional:  Tom Roden, TRaducciones, Spain. Freelancer. AKS Word Count helps freelancers: Taking on translation projects which may be received in Word, Excel, PowerPoint or PDF formats. Functional program: After trying the program with one PDF file and being surprised at the speed with which it converted it and... Read more »

Use AKS Word Count to review and approve documents

Business professional:  Lorin Kundert, Shenzhen, China. Manager English Language Documentation. AKS Word Count helps managers: I review and approve documents that are to be published to foreign customers. Good time saver: From the short time I have used this product; I am impressed by how accurately it is able... Read more »