Use AKS Word Count to review and approve documents

Business professional:  Lorin Kundert, Shenzhen, China. Manager English Language Documentation.

AKS Word Count helps managers:

I review and approve documents that are to be published to foreign customers.

Good time saver:

From the short time I have used this product; I am impressed by how accurately it is able to count the words in each document, another great feature is the ability to do bulk checking of the documents as we might have to review so many the software does save a lot of time and effort. From the translator’s perspective, this is a valuable tool in assessing the volume of work they can complete.

A note from developers

Lorin, thank you for sharing your valuable opinion. As you have noticed our Word Count is a true time saver. When you need to count words in just one document then you can use word counting features built-in the software like MS Word or you can paste the text into some free web-service. But when there is a bunch of documents and you need to count a word count in each of them, then the task is more challenging as you have described in your testimonial text.

Actually, we added several important features:

  • We added a support of the most popular file formats, so you can count words in MS Word documents or in Adobe PDF files, and

Count words in various file formats

  • You can send to the program several documents at once,
  • For such tasks like assessing the volume and the price of the translation, you can go to the Freelancers tab that will automatically calculate the total price according to the word count.