Use AKS Word Count to translation projects

Business professional:  Tom Roden, TRaducciones, Spain. Freelancer.

AKS Word Count helps freelancers:

Taking on translation projects which may be received in Word, Excel, PowerPoint or PDF formats.

Functional program:

After trying the program with one PDF file and being surprised at the speed with which it converted it and completed the word count, I then threw a whole folder of 21 PDF files at it. Once again it was really fast; although this time I was actually able to see the files being processed. The next step was to try Office files and there was no problem mixing Word, Excel and PowerPoint files together. Yet again there were swift results, as well as the monetary calculation as I had entered my rates into the program. I am looking forward to trying out the other report options.

A note from developers

Tom, thank you for trying the software and sharing your feedback. You have used the most important features of the product and we are glad that you liked them.

There are few more functions in AKS Word Count that can make your life easier:

  • You can manage to ignore certain words. This is useful when there are some standard terms that you won’t translate and you don’t want to charge your client for these words. This is a great way to show your client a professional approach to the work that you follow.

Don't count certain words

  • AKS Word Count can count the number of words in HTML document as well. The most interesting thing is that the program actually counts the text visible to the user, not the HTML code.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any other feature added into the software.